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Superior Support – Access to products that your clients need.

Marketing Support – Life and Annuity marketing coordinators to
help any agent customize and develop marketing strategies, run illustrations and select the best product for your client.

Application Processing – Our new business team will review your clients application for completeness and accuracy.

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Want to start your own insurance business?

We offer top commissions plus immediate bonus commission as well as overrides on all agents you can recruit nationally and who your agents recruit.

For you as well as your agents that is TOP STREET commission, we add between 4% to 10% on top of that for your bonus commissions and overrides.

Our system allows all agents in your up line and down line to share the additional commission.

You and your agents can earn a much higher incomes if we all work together. This system does that, does your agency?

Your average IMO is an independent marketing organization (IMO), a non-company affiliated organization that contracts with insurance companies to distribute and preform other marketing functions for one or more of the companies products.

The IMO will earn a much higher commission than an agent could because they have agreed to build the insurance company build a large distribution system. They are in a sense the insurance companies recruiter. An IMO will has an large expense outlay for their administrative staff and advertisement. They must constantly be working to attract new agents as well as retain the ones they currently have.

They have a difficult time keeping agents and managers loyal to their agency because they can only offer the same thing that the competition offers and a variation in the commission and services. Typically the commission hierarchy is something like this: IMO 140%, Manager General Agent 120%, General Agent 100% and Agents 50% to 95% agents have absolutely no equity in the agency which they have joined. The MGA and GA can make overrides, but have a difficult time keeping agents and the agents do not make an override on other agents.

So there is no benefits for the agents other than their personal sales that sometimes are at a lower commission or whatever they were able to negotiate.

Is this the type of agency you are with or want to be with?

We are designed to allow our agents to share in the growth. It has been getting harder to make it by yourself in the insurance business, regulations, internet sales, companies that are marketing directly to the public along with banks have all take a share of commission out of the agents pocket.

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  • Top Commissions Paid
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  • Organization Override Bonus
  • Regional Manager Bonus
  • Territory Manager Bonus


  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Higher Level Markets